Tango avec une touche française

12th-15th of March there’s yet another tango weekend in Haugesund – this time with a French touch!

tango parisMichael_Watson_stendur_smKaren-og-Xavier

Instructor: Michael Watson (France)
DJ: Xavier Bonete (France)
Movie: Je Ne Suis Pas La Pour Etre Aime (France)

There will be milongas, courses, movie, food and excellent Haugaland-ish tango-mood. Reserve the weekend for proper tango fun!

AccomodationClarion Collection Banken hotell – NOK 650,- (325,- per person) for a doule room pr night. Telephone: 52 70 00 30. Reference: “Malla”.

FRIDAY – Risøy Aktivitetshus, Sundgata 120
18:00-20:00 – Risøy: Beginner’s course: Connection, axis, balance and change weight, basic steps 1
20:00-01:00 – Risøy: Milonga w/food. DJ Xavier Bonete

SATURDAY – Risøy Aktivitetshus, Sundgata 120 
10:00-12:00 – Risøy: Beginner’s course: The embrace, distance and posture, basic steps 2
12:00-13:00 – Risøy: French brunch
13:00-15:00 – Risøy: (A) Combination of baridas, boleos, and change of direction
15:30-17:30 – Risøy: (B) Rhythm, Phrasing and Musicality, in close embrace
20:00-02:00 – Risøy: Milonga. DJ Xavier Bonete. Dress code: Frenche, bien sûr! Bring French tapas!

SUNDAY – Risøy Aktivitetshus, Sundgata 120
10:00-12:00 – Risøy: Beginner’s course: Body dissociation, musicality, basic steps 3
12:30-14:30 – Risøy: C) From the same sequence, dancing different energy from Tango, Waltz and Milonga
14:30-17:00 – Risøy: French food and French movie. Bon appétit!

Prices (all in NOK)
Workshop (2h): 190,-/250,- (member/non-member)
Beginner’s course (6h): 560,-/750,-
Milonga Friday 125,-, milonga Saturday 60,- (Thursday free)
Brunch: 125,-
Movie and food: 125,-
Private lessons: 500,- (3 for 1200,-)

You get registered by paying to account number 3330.23.59771 (TangoTare).
Registration is binding. If the registration is cancelled withing 2 weeks prior of the tango weekend, you will recieve a full refund. After this you will have to try to sell the tickets privately, maybe for a reduced price.

A membership in TangoTare costs 350,- for 2015 and can be paid along with the other fees to the same account as mentioned above.

Please remember to write your name and what you are paying for.

Any questions? Call Jon Magne at 0047 48 18 84 30, or send us an email at tangotare(at)gmail.com.

If you have not registered with a partner, TangoTare will try to find a partner for you, among the registered, or among others. If we cannot find you a partner, we will let you know, and you will have a full refund of the fees.



Påmelde på verkstadar/kurs (dvs. betalt):

Oppdatert 16.3.15

Nybegynnarkurs tre mandagar frå 9. mars:
Mani & Margrethe
Hilde & ?
Gitte & Bjørn
Kristine & Staffan
Aleksandra & Knut Arve
Lilian & Helge

Vidaregåande kurs tre torsdagar:
Sissel, Sylwia, Mona N, Birgitte (kun 19.3)
Knut Arve, Jon Magne, Håvard (ikkje 26.3)